30​-​6​-​12. Six Years Gone.

by The Ill-Fitting Garibaldis

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01 // THE ILL-FITTING GARIBALDIS // 3YrsOn_version2 // 3:45
{Produced by Munroe, Heart & McBrute}

Douglas Munroe: producer, artist, visionary. Born in 1949 - a shell-shocked war veteran from Guernsey - turned his sights to music production in the late 60's, working with such acts as Roxy Music, Siouxie Sioux & The Banshees, and most recently Strife and Black Lace. Although none of his earlier efforts made the cut for commercial release due to "differences in sound to what we had envisioned" (Bryan Ferry), Munroe would later enjoy the commercial success of 8th best selling single of 1984 - "Agadoo." Although he never actually fought in a war, many speculate the origin of Munroe's shellshock was routed in events during a camping holiday to Cambodia in 1971, at the height of his struggle with legal highs and prescription drugs (including Viagra, Ibuprofen and Diviner's Sage.) Today Munroe ventures from his home in Spofforth only upon the request of the most refined musicians the world has to offer - and only when those musicians need the artistic vision of one of the most radical production mavericks of the last two centuries. Some say he's a genius, others don't, one says he's a "washed up studio tea boy who never had the talent to make the grade in any studio anywhere" (anon.) On his 2012 collaboration with The Ill-Fitting Garibaldis, Rory McButt comments "we are honoured to be working alongside the legend. Dougie has been defining UK pop production since the 60s, I can't think of a bigger name in the field! I'm hoping he'll continue working with us in the future as without him I can only see things taking a turn for the worse."

02 // GLENSON HEART McBRUTE // OlympicFever // 3:30

GHM is the working pseudonym for TIFG side-project Steve Wicked (real name, Glenn Glenson), Robert Heart and Rory McButt (as Roy McBrute). Established in 2010 the trio produced ten-hour "made for shuffle" live album Rhombic Dodecahedron during the Hope And Monet sessions. The Garibaldis continue to use the GHM moniker to focus on improvisational and experimental works otherwise deemed "too strange for TIFG." This has also included the aborted Cube Sessions of early 2011 (of which #1 in the series saw release this year) and 2012's Hope And Monet remix series HAMbient: a three-part industrial soundscape reworking of the TIFG epic, clocking in at an even more gargantuan 20 hours. "OlympicFever" marks Glenson Heart McBrute's first stand-alone radio-friendly single and closest cross-over between the two projects. 2012 seems an appropriate year for GHM and TIFG to meet: a simultaneous celebration of England's Jubilee year, Olympic hopes and the sonic progression of six years work funded by the taxpayer. Hail Zeus.


released June 30, 2012

01 // written by Steve Wicked
02 // written by Glenn Glenson, Robert Heart & Roy McBrute



all rights reserved


TIFG Holmfirth, UK

[ ˈwɪkɪd / hɑːt ]
"Undoubtedly the greatest artistic collaboration ever. No hyperbole. Fact." #SKULL #KING #2017

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Track Name: Glenson Heart McBrute - OlympicFever
Olympic fever: it's coming to a place near you!
The Olympics, they are coming to us
We're really excited it's the best thing that's happened in years
And I can't wait: they are really quite near.