Quentin Blake

by The Ill-Fitting Garibaldis

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First single from the Hope And Monet sessions, featuring exclusive b-side and two cover versions.


released August 9, 2010

Rory McButt: vocals, drums, synthesizers, percussion
Steve Wicked: guitars, vocals, piano
Robert Heart: bass, additional drums & percussion, vocals



all rights reserved


TIFG Holmfirth, UK

[ ˈwɪkɪd / hɑːt ]
"Undoubtedly the greatest artistic collaboration ever. No hyperbole. Fact." #SKULL #KING #2017

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Track Name: Quentin Blake
Take a look at my face – that’s right, I don’t have one!
You can stare all you like, it’s not as if I can see you
They call me Quentin Blake, the man with no face
An interesting specimen but I’d prefer the term gentleman.
What happened to manners?
I may be lacking eyes but ears no sir-ree!
I could hear from here to there if ever the need may be
It’s how I got a job at the department named “Em-I-Five”
I investigate and interpretate listening in on tapped lines...
It’s great fun!

My mother was ashamed I’m sad to have to admit
A son who can’t see, taste or smell is all but useless to an invalid
You see back in my day you couldn’t transplant a face
The only solution was to tattoo one on or be treated as an alien race.
Man it really sucked.

Come on Quentin - we’ve gotta lead for you
Come on Quentin - you gotta pull us through!

Listening down the wire get a shiver down my spine
The crooks are talking cryptically, I jot down every line
Partly talking Arabic and sometimes speaking French
Puts my multi-linguistic skills right to the test
Hear them mention dates and times, location: an address
Write it down – I’m quite peckish – no time to digress
Seems they’re smuggling body parts but which? I cannot hear…
We nail them I’ll get sorted out with eyes, a nose and ears!!
The possibilities overwhelm me and I’ve got all I need
Shout the DA – we’re ready to make a bust…
Come on let’s go!
Haul in some crims’
Come on...
Let’s go...
It’s time to blag you a face!